Employment Opportunities

Together, let’s create the stores that make the local customers happy!

Your opportunities can expand to total store management, which includes human resource development, sales promotion, and cost control.

You can advance your career by building a development plan that fits your pace and your future goal.

About the half of our workforce is female. Among them are the outstanding store managers.

(Total sales in 2020: Six billion yen)

[Development Process after joining the company]

  1. The first step is to obtain hamburger cooking and customer service skills.
  2. The next step is to the assistant manager role. By supporting the store manager, you’ll obtain required skills in various areas.
  3. After being promoted to a store manager, a continuous training program will be provided to build your management skills further, aiming for our vision of locally-oriented store.

[In the Future]

You’ll have opportunities to be in a more challenging position with more responsibilities after your accomplishments as a store manager.

  1. The opportunities include the supervising position to support multiple stores as well as a position to support the entire area.
  2. Advancing your career at McDonald’s Japan is also possible.
  3. Furthermore, starting your own company as a McDonald’s franchisee is possible.